About us

Dairy Co-operative "Michowianka" started its business activity on August 1 1957. Our mission is to satisfy expectations and needs of customers. Since 50 years by now, we have offered You highest-quality dairy products that owe their traditional country flavour to milk from ecologically unpolluted areas of Lubelszczyzna.

The source of success of DCO „Michowianka” is new technology, tradition and our employees’ long-term experience. Our advantage is also a high quality of products that is guaranteed, apart from supreme raw material, by strict control at every stage of production.

The History of DCO „Michowianka” is a continual development. Investments realized in the last few years and the broadening of the range of products on offer have contributed to the consolidation of our position. Dairy Cooperative „Michowianka” is a well-known Polish producer. We have on offer cottage cheese such as delicious Grandma’s cottage cheese, as well as hard cheeses of Swiss and Dutch type and other dairy products (milk, butter, buttermilk, kefir, cream etc.). We also posses a high-tech production line to thicken whey.

Owing to DCO „Michowianka” ’s partnership with milk suppliers, the amount of purchased raw material has increased in the last few years. Visible is also concentration of production at specialist farms.

In spite of numerous achievements, DCO „Michowianka” wishes to go on developing, making audacious investments that will allow to obtain the greatest products made in harmony with the natural environment that surrounds us.