On August 15 1957, fifteen members established District Co-operative Dairy Plant in Michów. In first few years of its business activity, there was a gradual augmentation of its property by erecting new production buildings and milk purchasing centers. They were producing cottage cheese, Edam cheese, acid casein, creamy butter, buttermilk and kefir.

In January 1984, Andrzej Jankowski was elected a director of the board, who held the office until 18 February 2009r. From that day, there has been a dynamic build-up of the plant and the introduction of new products.

Taking care of the natural environment surrounding „Michowianka”, in 1994 a sewage treatment plant, that met European standards, was given into use.

In 1998, we launched the production of formed cottage cheese „Grandma’s cottage cheese” with the use of the first in the country continuous line, that let us obtain a product of permanent high quality and excellent flavour, similar to the one of traditional cottage cheese. In the same year a new cooling engine room started to work and the name was changed into Co-operative Dairy „Michowianka” in Michów.

2001 was the year of erecting a warehouse for storing hard cheese and a gas-oil boiler house that contributed to the significant reduction in costs of thermal energy and the team, who were responsible for the security.

Following years were a number of investments aiming at fulfilling European Union’s requirements. In 2004, there was erected a station of milk receiving and washing tank trucks. Machine and vehicle fleets were also modernized. A new dairy-products store and a locker room for employees were given into use.

In 2005, a new production department dealing with thickening of whey was established.

Currently, we have begun a period of partnership with trade chains like Aldik, Eurocash, Marcpol, Alma, Stokrotka, Makro, Selgros, E.Leclerc, Real, Auchanand food industry wholesalers who have made products easily accessible in a great part of our country.

18 February 2009, the new president of the board was Jan Chabros, which has hitherto served as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.